Quebec Drug Treatment Centers

A person with a drug problem usually has an irresponsible behavior, so it is often up to family members and loved ones to seek treatment.

If you suspect a friend, a loved one or a relative of drug abuse, the following symptoms are usually exhibited: sudden weight loss or weight gain, change in moods, behavior and eating habits, lack of motivation, stealing and being secretive, a drop in school or work performance, unexplained moodiness, change in the usual routine, defensiveness and paranoia.

This is just a partial list of the possible signs of drug addiction.

Seeking Treatment

Now, once you have recognized that the person is positive of substance abuse, the first thing that you need to do is look for a drug treatment center that can help rid the individual of the substance abuse problem.

Addiction in Quebec

In Quebec, addiction to party drugs and cocaine are the most common forms of substance abuse. An individual with a drug problem can be admitted to a government-funded or privately operated drug treatment center.

No matter which of these two types of centers you end up with, the important thing is to learn about their drug treatment process. A no-pills treatment policy is the best one to choose. You may also want to look for a center which is quite far from where the individual with the drug problem is residing, so that he or she cannot easily get a hold of the drugs should there be a relapse.

Finally, it is important to offer your support to your loved one who is trying to lead a drug-free life so that they can get through this rough patch more quickly.

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