Manitoba Drug Treatment Center per diem Fees After Government Funding

When a family member is ill from a disease, you would want to get them to the best hospital, get the best treatment possible and you would like for them to be treated by the best doctor. The same thing should apply when looking for a drug treatment center for your loved one.

Treatment in Canada

In Canada, billions of dollars are allotted for drug-related costs, which just goes to show how serious the problem is. What you can do as a concerned family member is to help the individual seek treatment as early as possible. This way, there will be lesser emotional and financial impact to all members concerned once the drug problem has been addressed.

Facilities in Manitoba

In Manitoba, there are several drug treatment centers that you can choose from. The most popular drugs in this area are cocaine and methamphetamine – which a portion of the younger population are addicted to.

When looking for a drug treatment center, make sure that the location is quite a ways from the area where the person with the drug problem lives; close proximity to one’s home may lead the person seeking treatment to have a relapse since it will be easy to gain access to drugs again.


Many facilities in Manitoba receive partial funding from the Manitoba government and make up the shortfall by charging a per diem fee to all clients in the residential program.

Often, Fees are $125.00-$250 including tax per day are required.

To get more information about the drug treatment centers available in the Manitoba area, you can seek the help of a licensed health or medical practitioner – or go online and look for a list of the drug rehabilitation centers in the province.

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