Common BC Rehab Costs & Drug Treatment Center Fees

If you are concerned about a relative, a close family member or a friend who may possibly be addicted to drugs, remember that the sooner that you act, the better it will be for all parties concerned.

Living with Drug Addiction

Living with a drug addict is not a pleasant scenario, especially if it has reached the point when the person has resorted to stealing or selling valuables in order to gain access to the funds for buying drugs.

No matter which province in Canada it is that you are living in, there are drug treatment centers nearby which can help your loved ones live a drug-free life.

Government Funded vs. Privately Owned

There are actually two types of drug rehabilitation centers: those which are government funded, and the centers which are privately owned. The problem in the British Columbia area is especially concentrated on addiction to marijuana.

When choosing a drug treatment center here, there are several factors that you need to consider.

First Things First

First, you need to learn about the treatment philosophy of the center. Are they using pills to cure the individuals who are admitted for drug treatment, or is their program similar to a ‘detoxification’ process?


Clients who are residents of alcohol and drug residential treatment facilities funded by the Ministry of Health (MoH) may be eligible for the standard user fee ($1,200 per month) and a comforts allowance ($95 per month).

To receive assistance while in an alcohol and drug residential treatment facility, clients must be eligible for income assistance or disability assistance.

In addition, clients in the alcohol or drug treatment centre may be eligible to receive actual shelter costs for the client’s usual place of residence up to the maximum shelter amount for the client’s family unit  ($375 per month).

Other Considerations

Some things you’ll also want to consider are what is their success rate for drug treatment? Do they monitor the individuals who are admitted in the center closely enough to ensure that they are not anywhere close to having a relapse?

Knowing about these details are important if you would like your loved ones to succeed in getting rid of the destructive drug addiction that they have fallen victim to.

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