How Much Does Rehab & Treatment Centers Cost in Alberta?

Lying, being unreliable, unpredictable mood swings, stealing, procrastination, withdrawal from family and friend, depression, isolation and erratic patterns of sleeping – all of these are signs of drug addiction.

When is it time for Action?

If you find that a loved one, a friend or a relative is exhibiting these signs, then it might be time for them to be admitted to a drug treatment center. The earlier that drug addiction is treated, the better it is for all parties concerned.

Related Fees

The Alberta Government has all but eliminated government-sponsored programs. Even the most affordable programs cost at least 15 dollars a day, thus, $315 dollars for a 21 day program. For many addicts thousands of miles away from friends or family who has lost everything it is an impossible sum.

There is only one program longer than 21 days in Alberta offered by the government-run office of AADAC (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission.) It is a fifty day program which is usually available only to oil field executives or those with comprehensive health benefits through their employer, costing thousands of dollars a month over and above the costs to Alberta Health Care.

Getting help in Alberta

If you do not know where to look for information about the drug treatment centers located in your area, you can seek the help of a licensed health or medical practitioner. In Alberta, there are several drug treatment centers to choose from.

Remember that when selecting the center to treat your loved ones, it is important to ask about their success rate and learn about their drug treatment philosophies. It might also be a good idea to check the facilities for yourself.

More importantly, you should look for a drug treatment center which does not use pills in curing drug addicts – this will alleviate the problem rather than cure it.

Instead, look for a drug treatment center which applies a life-changing and attitude changing policy to all the individuals who are admitted for a drug treatment program.

Offering Support

Finally, being there for your loved ones who are trying to be drug-free is the main help that you can provide for them in this trying phase of their lives.

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