3 Myths About Sex Addiction in Canada

Sex addiction in Canada is a serious condition many people suffer.

Regardless of gender, sex addiction can destroy relationships, isolate people socially, and affect emotional and physical health. Sometimes, sex addiction happens to people because of a lack of prevention or knowledge on the matter.

So, to avoid falling into sex addiction, below are interesting myths and facts about the condition.

Myth – Sex addiction only applies to men.

Fact – Even women suffer from sex addiction. The myth exists due to many women’s silent attitude about their embarrassing condition. Also, the myth was formed from the idea that men are usually the ones known to fall into porn addiction. So, knowing the truth about women and sex addiction is important for everyone to acknowledge that even women need help on the matter.

Myth – Neediness is what drives many women to become sex addicts.

Fact – There are many other motivations for women to become sex addicts. A few examples are loneliness and desire for power. But one of the most well-known factors that drive women to become sex addicts is their past.

Many have been molested, raped, or sexually abused in different ways during childhood or adolescence. Just as in men, sexual abuse has a major influence in the future behavior, attitude, and perspective of women.

Myth – The effects of sex addiction are the same for women and men.

To some extent, women and men suffer similar sex addiction consequences. But, there are additional effects of sex addiction in women.

If they have their own families for example, the husbands and children suffer from the mothers’ absence. In addition, women, can get cervical cancer because of sex addiction.

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