What makes a Christian drug rehabilitation center different from other types of rehab?

Some people prefer to have the spiritual approach in recovering from their drug addictions. Spiritual development, in addition to the use of the traditional counselling and detoxification methods, are included in the treatment programs of many Christian drug rehab centers.

Some Christian drug rehabilitation centers in Canada are operated by churches as part of doing their mission to the society. Others are operated by private institutions who believe in the effectiveness of integrating a spiritual approach to overcoming the person’s addictions.

Christian 12 Steps

One of the treatments offered by the Christian drug rehab centers that differs them from other rehabs is the Christian 12 steps. This is scripture-based program that starts with the person’s admission to having an addiction to asking for God’s forgiveness and help, and then ends with the awakening and practicing the principles learned to overcome one’s addictions.

Prayer & Scripture Studies

Christian drug rehabs also have specific prayer times and scripture studies. These may be done in groups and facilitated by the pastor of a preacher. Scripture readings usually focus on the battle between good and evil, God’s forgiveness, repentance and God’s providence. Readings related to addiction are also discussed.

Spiritual Counselling

Like the other drug treatment centers, Christian drug rehabilitation centers also offer individual and group counselling sessions in their programs. The counselors also provide spiritual guidance and the sessions complement the spiritual aspects of the program. Discussions on the effects of drug addiction on one’s body, mind, relationships and spirit are also done.

These discussions will help the person accept the problem and decreases the probability of drug addiction relapse in the recovering individual. Many times, family members are also asked to participate in sessions to better understand the process.

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