The role of counselling in Christian drug rehab centers

Counselling is the first step in the treatment process in Christian drug rehab centers. It is important that during counselling sessions, the participant has realized the problem and acknowledges that he has committed a mistake. T

his will make the next steps in the Christian drug treatment process more effective and constant.

Individual Counselling

Counselling sessions usually start with individual sessions with a participant. A counselor listens to the person’s problems and issues. The counselor also determines other behavior problems in the person so that he would know how to better address the individual.

During the counselling sessions, the ill effects of drugs are also discussed. If necessary, scientific evidences and even the person’s current physical assessment are used to prove the harmful effects of drug misuse and abuse. It is important that the person agrees with this to better ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and to minimize the risk of relapse after the treatment.

Worship and prayer

Worship and prayer sessions are also done individually and as a group. A preacher leads the participants in prayer and lifts up their desire to overcome their drug addictions.

Passages in the Bible that are related to drug addiction are quoted and discussed. This is done to help the person remember these passages during the time that they will be tempted to satisfy their craving for drugs.

Group sessions

The participants are also allowed to join group sessions. These counselling sessions help the participant realize that they are not alone in dealing with the problem.

They can lean on one another for support, console one another and pray for one another. Group counselling sessions also help them recover their confidence that was lost during their addiction.

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