4 Primary Factors Contributing to Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is usually cured through pharmacological methods with the use of drugs, or behavioral methods through which the goal is to bring you back to your normal functioning.

Both methods are often used when an individual undergoes prescription drug addiction rehabilitation, not only to help the person physically – but also raise his or her state of well being.

Root Causes

In order for you to execute a rehabilitation program to a patient, you must know first the underlying causes of drug dependency.

There are four main causes of prescription drug addiction.

First, chemical imbalances as the leading major source of addiction since the more you take in the prescription drug, the more you will be addicted and dependent to the drug which causes alterations and imbalances in your body components.

The second main causes are unresolved events from the past which may deal with a great impact on your behavior including your intake of the prescription drug. This usually affects the person psychologically.

The third main causes are the beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true. Things that you believe in also has a great effect on your intake of prescription drugs like the most common wrong belief wherein increase in drug intake will alleviate your sicknesses, ailments and pain more easily.

The fourth major causes are the person’s inability to cope with current conditions which is of psychological origin and is related to the second and third main causes of prescription drug addiction.

Goals of Therapy

Prescription drug addiction rehab contains therapies to improve the quality of life of the person involved. An example is cognitive-behavioral intervention which focuses on modifying the patient’s thinking, expectations, and behaviors.

Detoxification process is another treatment which is a method that tapers off the drug’s dose and attempt to treat withdrawal symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Be cautious in choosing or implementing a drug rehab program. Make sure that it meets your specific needs.

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