Prescription Medication Addiction: Quick Facts

Today there are numerous people who are highly addicted to prescription medications in such a way that they take in more of the medication than what is actually prescribed by the physician. This is due to various reasons. Addiction to prescription medication usually starts with simple prescribed medicine to reduce or alleviate pain or other symptoms which may lead to total and full blown addiction for many individuals. These medications are usually pain killers in the form of capsules and pills.

There are three most commonly abused medications which can harm the addicted individual not only physically but also mentally. Opioids are medications usually prescribed to people who are in severe pain. When abused, opioids affect the brain in such a way that it will attach to certain receptors altering now the way you perceive pain and it also affects some regions of the brain affecting various perceptions. CNS Depressants are prescribed medications given to people who have anxiety and sleep disorders. When addicted into it, the person will now experience slowing of the heart and respiration rate which can be fatal. Stimulants are another prescription medication which is given to individuals who are suffering from narcolepsy and ADHD. Addiction and abuse of this drug will result in the abnormal and dangerous increase in blood pressure or lead to irregular heart rhythms.

Prescription medication addiction can be treated in various ways. An example is the use of medications and drugs to counter the effects of the addictive drug and to prevent overdose of the said drug. Another example are the rehabilitation programs which aim to bring back the person to normal functioning without the prescription medication.

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