Opiate Addiction Treatment Options: Medication & Counselling

Because of the fast tendency to become tolerant to opium and its compounds, it is necessary that the person known to use opium get treatment as soon as possible.

The treatment for opium addiction may be the same as the treatment for addiction to other drugs. The difference would just include the medications that are used during the treatment and some customization of the treatment due to the patient’s requirements.

Medication For Opiate Addiction

Medications need to be included in the treatment of opium addiction.

Because the drug is highly addictive, simply deciding to stop and relying on the person’s will to comply with the requirements of the treatment will make the procedure unreliable.

Ibogaine, naltrexone and methadone may be used to help the patient overcome his tendencies to take the drug again.

These medications will manage the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patient upon stopping the intake of drugs.

The use of these medications should also be monitored by a physician or a medical expert. These medications could be misused or abused if not monitored.

Counselling For Opiate Addiction

Counselling is also an important part of the opium addiction treatment.

The person is made to realize the problem with his drug abuse. As much as possible, the willingness of the patient to participate in the program is needed to ensure efficient recovery from the addiction.

During the counselling sessions, the patient will also be made to see the harmful effects of the drugs. He will be made aware on the extent of his addiction and the adverse reactions to the drug.

The family members of the participant may also be counselled on how to better deal with drug addiction.

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