Historical Roots Of Nicotine Addiction

It is common knowledge to everyone that nicotine is at the heart of cigarettes and tobaccos.

Unfortunately, this content usually leads to Addiction to Nicotine. Because of the addictive traits of nicotine, many smokers really rely on it.

Studies Dating Back to 1942

Their dependence on it is so great that whenever they don’t smoke a cigarette in a day, their whole body is itching. They become restless and constantly want to have a smoke.

This scenario is best described as an Addiction to Nicotine. In fact, history would tell us that way back 1942, there were  already studies that exposed the addictive element that nicotine has.

Most studies in the past have proven that there are more chances of Addiction to Nicotine  as compared to cases of being addicted to alcohol, heroin, and barbiturates.

Accordingly, nicotine is primarily responsible for the addictive behavior of smokers.

In short, nicotine initiates and develops dependency among people because of these cigarettes.

Modern Research

Over the last few decades, many prevention and self-help tips have come out in order to put an end to Addiction to Nicotine.

Nicotine is very dangerous because it can cause cancer and at the same time can destroy a lot of organs in the body. As an addition to such fact, Addiction to Nicotine also destroys the beautiful outlook and physical attributes of a person because of its side-effects.

In most countries today, people succumb to therapies, meetings, awareness programs, and other replacements for cigarettes, like gums or candies, to put an end to this seemingly infinite habit of smoking.

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