Is Internet Addiction Canada’s New Drug Of Choice?

Indeed, the Internet is a means to boost profits and research activity. But aside from the said benefits, the Internet prompts a type of addiction–Internet addiction. Today, Internet addiction in Canada is a serious condition that needs to be addressed. Below is basic information you should know.

What is Internet addiction?

Internet addiction is recognized as a clinical disorder. A person suffering from this disorder is dependent on online activities and cannot control him or herself from playing games, emailing, using social networking websites, or surfing for porn. And even if a person has more important activities to do, more or most of his or her time is spent on surfing the net.

What are symptoms of Internet addiction?

There are four symptoms of Internet addiction:

The first is forgetting to sleep and eat. Because Internet addicts cannot tear themselves away from the computer, they are unable to do the basic activities they need for their health.

Next is the need for more online hours and/or advanced technology. Internet addicts get used to the high of using the technology. Through time, they require better computer gadgets or more surf time to better feel the effects of the Internet.

Third is the experience of withdrawal symptoms upon being deprived of the computer. Internet addicts use their computers frequently. But when a day or so passes without doing online activities, Internet addicts feel angry or irritable.

Finally, Internet addicts end up performing poorly at work and experience fatigue. They also tend to argue more with their family, friends, or co-workers.

Is there treatment for Internet addiction?

Yes, there is treatment for Internet addiction. Depending on the need of the person and the severity of the addiction, he or she can undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy or take medication. An Internet addict can also join support groups to recover from the condition.

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