How Excessive Internet Use Affects Your Children

As parents, it is your responsibility to see to it that your children are using the Internet properly.

As a rule, the main use of the Internet for kids should be for research purposes to help them with their homework – and probably the occasional educational games.

But what happens if you leave Internet usage to a child who is unmonitored?

Chances are, he or she will get addicted to the Internet.

Internet Addiction in Canadian Kids

Internet addiction is not just common in adults – children fall victim to this problem as well. Even if you place parental control locks on the computer, tech-savvy kids may still find a way to get through the codes and use the Internet for purposes other than their homework.

Because of their young age, children are especially vulnerable to the effects of Internet addiction.

Early Signs

Here are the early signs that you need to watch out for to ensure that your child will not fall victim to Internet addiction.

First, if your child often loses track of time while online. Second, if there is a sudden decline in grades or in school performance since the time that the computer was purchased, or access to the Internet was given. Third, if the child becomes irritable when he or she is away from the computer, that is a sure sign of Internet addiction.

Major Changes

More importantly, if there is a change in the children’s behavioral patterns which greatly affects their social lives, you have reason to be alarmed.

If instead of spending time playing with other kids, your child prefers the solace of his or her own room, it might be an early sign of Internet addiction.

It is perfectly fine to let technology into your home by allowing your children to gain access to the Internet. However, you should set rules and boundaries when it comes to Internet usage so that the children will not succumb to Internet addiction.

As young as they are, it is their right to enjoy the real instead of the virtual world – and this would not happen if they fall victim to Internet addiction.

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