Fast Food Addiction in Canada: Exploring the Trend

Recent studies show that the sugar and fat content of fast foods can be as addictive as illegal drugs or smoking tobacco.

In fact, any kind of substance can be addictive and fast food items are no exception. If you always feel that compulsion to stop by your favorite fast food outlet more than three times a week, you may be exhibiting symptoms of fast food addiction.

Health Risks

Aside from being highly addictive, the sugar and fat content of a typical fast food meal that you consume – which may include a salad, hamburger, fries, soda and a dairy dessert – can result to obesity and other health problems.


Due to the ‘instant’ factor of fast food, most people find it convenient to go to a drive through or stop by a fast food chain in order to get something to eat.

However, the usual items on the menu of a fast food restaurant contain sugary, fatty and salty foods.

Vicious Cycle

After consuming a serving of hamburger and fries, the blood sugar peaks – which in turn creates the craving for another snack. This vicious cycle leads to fast food addiction and without enough self-control, it is something that you can easily fall victim to.

To reduce your chances of being a junk food addict, try to visit a deli instead of a fast food restaurant when eating out. Exposing yourself to the temptation of ordering junk food will just make the situation – and the addiction worse, so try to avoid this type of establishment much as you can.

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