The Devastating Effects of Cocaine Addiction in Canada

It is always hard for a family to cope with a case of cocaine addiction. Not only is the sight of the affected loved one difficult to bear, but healthy family and friendly relationships are also compromised. Effective cocaine addiction treatment is the only solution to the problem. So, in finding the best rehab center, take note of the following treatments:

Treatment under the criminal justice system

If a cocaine addict commits criminal acts, he or she is often forced by authorities to undergo treatment. It is untrue that if a person is forced to get treatment, the treatment will not work. There are, in fact, a great number of cocaine addicts who recovered despite being forced by authorities. So, if there is a chance for you to acquire treatment for a loved one, take advantage of it. Forced treatment helps a person to avoid returning to criminal behavior.

Behavioral treatment

side_effects_of_chronic_use_of_cocaineThere are two types of behavioral treatment, the outpatient treatment program and the residential treatment program. The first type is designed for patients who can manage to go to rehab clinics on a regular basis. The second type, on the other hand, is appropriate for pregnant women, those who commit criminal activities under the influence of drugs, and those who are seriously impaired physically by drugs.

The behavioral treatment enables patients to change their attitude and behavior to drugs, limit and eliminate drug cravings, and stay longer in rehab. In addition, through the treatment, patients can hone healthy life skills and become active and productive members of their communities.


Currently, medication is not one of the options for cocaine addiction treatment. There is still no known effective medication to prevent addiction relapse and to ease cocaine craving. Nevertheless, food and drug departments of various governments are testing potentially effective medication so they can be used in treatments.

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