Taking Action: How to help someone with a cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction and treatment go hand in hand.

Cocaine addiction treatment is necessary once addiction sets in. Cocaine addiction and treatment are crucial matters. Cocaine addiction and treatment will involve not only the patient, but also his/ her support system.

A person addicted to cocaine – if he or she is to quickly and safely recover – should get the help of a physician psychiatrist, social worker and friends and family. Cocaine addiction is such an intense problem that, normally, a person cannot battle it alone.

Cycle of Addiction

As a very potent hallucinatory substance, cocaine induces a euphoric rush that stays with the user for just an hour. A depressive “coming down” follows immediately after. Often, this becomes the start of the cycle of addiction. The euphoric high is repeatedly sought. However, with cocaine’s highly damaging effects – wreaking havoc on all major body organs, especially the heart, brain and lungs – continued use can be lethal.

Treatment should be immediately sought should signs of addiction – or worse, overdose – be seen. Treatment, whether coerced or voluntary, has been effective in the rehabilitation of cocaine users.

Team Effort

Cocaine addiction and treatment are major concerns that will involve several medical professionals and a solid personal support system. Inpatient rehabilitation is necessary at the start, in order to assess motivations for drug abuse as well as to temporarily uproot the user from his/ her current reality. During rehabilitation, therapy is undergone to change behaviors towards drugs and stress that people normally go through.

Certain characteristics are common among addicts and therapy seeks to alter these positively. With changed behavior, the chances of relapse once back out become minimal.

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