How Crack Cocaine Destroys Your Body & Mind

Simply put, Crack Cocaine Destroys Your Body & Mind. Tragically, Crack Cocaine addiction destroys many Canadian individuals and families every year.

What’s crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine is a cocaine-based substance. Unlike cocaine, crack has not been neutralized by acid to make hydrochloride salt. Crack comes in the form of a rock-like crystal and can be taken into the body through various means–injecting, smoking, and snorting.

How fast does crack cocaine take affect?

If crack cocaine is smoked or injected, the substance goes into the bloodstream faster. The euphoric effect is experienced almost immediately, but, its duration is for only 5 to 10 minutes. A person has to smoke or re-inject crack cocaine to feel the euphoria longer.

On the other hand, the substance gets into the bloodstream longer through snorting. The effect is experienced after a few minutes but the duration is longer. The euphoria can be felt for 15 to 30 minutes.

What are the negative effects of crack cocaine addiction to health?

  • Increases body temperature
  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • Constricts blood vessels
  • Dilates pupils
  • Causes headaches and abdominal pain
  • Decreases appetite
  • Causes nosebleeds, loss of sense of smell, and runny nose
  • Causes severe allergic reactions and bowel gangrene
  • Causes paranoia, irritability, anxiety, and restlessness
  • Causes temporary paranoid psychosis and hallucinations

What are possible treatments for crack cocaine addiction?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is known to be one of the most effective treatments for crack cocaine addiction. But, remember that a treatment should still be tailored to a person’s needs. So, study and ask about offered treatments when looking for a rehab center.

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