Collaborative Cocaine Treatment: Group therapy success

Collaborative cocaine treatment pertains to group drug counselling that is often made a part of a patient’s cocaine addiction therapy program.

This collaborative cocaine treatment or group drug counselling involves other individuals suffering from cocaine addiction and a moderator.

Role of the moderator

The moderator follows a guideline for discussion. Different issues on addiction and the patients’ personal circumstances are also dealt with.

Mixed Approach

Collaborative cocaine treatment is often mixed in with other treatment approaches for an individual’s treatment program. Studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggest that while collaborative cocaine treatment is an effective means of therapy, it is more effective if coupled with other approaches, such as individual drug counselling, cognitive therapy and supportive-expressive therapy. In any case, it is an important component in one’s cocaine abuse rehabilitation.

A person’s rehabilitation program should be personalized, according to their individual needs. An example is if the person suffers from constant relapse, then a relapse component should be included in their therapy.

Crucial First Steps

Group therapy is as effective as individual therapy in treating a range of addiction and psychological issues. The benefits of therapeutic groups are increasingly being recognized in substance abuse and mental health settings.

Treatments such as the collaborative cocaine treatment are crucial steps in a person’s recovery from cocaine dependence. Cocaine is a very potent illicit drug that has been known to cause immense damage with prolonged use. Cocaine has damaging effects on all major organs of the body. At the same time, it causes more intense damage to the lungs, heart and brains. And while this is so – and with so many who have died from cocaine overdose – kicking of the cocaine habit is a hard struggle because of its very addictive nature.

Hence, at the onset of addiction before any major damage is done, treatment should be sought.

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