Cocaine Treatment & Detox Centers in Canada: Differing approaches & Results

Cocaine treatment facilities provide a safe haven for individuals to try to rid themselves of their cocaine addiction.

Round the clock care & it’s positive effects

Most cocaine treatment facilities provide complete living amenities, and a round-the-clock care system made up of psychiatrist, physicians and other medical support staff. Likewise, cocaine treatment facilities provide individuals access to peers who are also struggling with their addiction. Such exposure can have a positive effect on users seeking community with which they can identify with.

Tailored to meet the individual need

Cocaine treatment facilities offer a variety of cocaine treatment programs. Cocaine treatment programs, as much as possible, should be tailor-fit to the specific needs of the individuals. Motivation and ‘triggers’ for abuse are different per person. This goes the same for therapies and treatment programs that can potentially work in helping the person achieve freedom from their cocaine addiction.

Collaborative, Behavioral, & CBT

Some approaches/ programs that most treatment centers use are the collaborative treatment approach, the behavioral approach and the cognitive-behavioral approach. Studies have shown that, ideally, a person in cocaine treatment should participate in at least two of these programs for a more effective rehabilitation and less susceptibility for relapse.

The Best facilities mix approaches

Good treatment facilities should be able to provide the individual with a comprehensive and personalized treatment program, mixing several medically- proven approaches. Likewise, treatment facilities should incorporate emotional and spiritual counselling in their treatment program. Addiction is said to stem from personal circumstances that the individual deems as shameful. This feeling of shame or guilt has led many to substance abuse.

Cocaine addiction is a serious condition that requires intensive inpatient care and treatment, as well as follow-up outpatient treatments. Individuals who go through these need to be provided with an ample support system.

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