Cocaine Rehabilitation in Canada: What to expect

Cocaine rehabilitation refers to the housing of cocaine abuse victims in a shelter that specializes in the care and treatment of those who fall prey to the empty “promises” of the drug cocaine.

These cocaine care and treatment shelters are also called cocaine rehabilitation centers.

Here, the cocaine abuse victim gets personalized treatment, and the treatment focuses not just on helping the cocaine abuse victim kick out the habit but on abating the withdrawal symptoms and ensuring that the person does not fall back into the bad habit.

This is mainly the reason why the expression, “get clean,” which refers to drug addicts who went to rehab and eventually led a life “clean” of drugs, was coined.

Facing hard facts

In a cocaine rehabilitation center, the cocaine abuse victim gets acquainted with why he succumbed into an addiction such as the one that he is into right now. He gets oriented, too, with what happens to him in case he decides to go on with his cocaine use, and what benefits he has entitled himself into.

Then, he undergoes a series of treatments that may involve taking in some medicines for stopping the desire to take in cocaine as well as the symptoms associated with excessive drug use and withdrawal from the drug, some counselling sessions, and activities that could serve as alternatives to all those worthless cocaine sniffing or drinking sessions.

These activities are tailor made for each patient, as per his very own abilities, skills, interests, and talents.


In a cocaine rehabilitation center, the patient also undergoes detoxification, so that the body systems will be cleared out of all traces of the addictive substance. He gets to go on a gym which may operate on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis depending on the cocaine rehabilitation center.

Once a patient gets out of the rehab free and cleaned from cocaine addiction, he may also be invited to volunteer for the programs of all the other consequent cocaine abuse patients.

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