4 Quick Facts about Crack cocaine in Canada

People hear about illegal drugs like crack cocaine all the time. But just what is crack cocaine? Here are some facts about crack cocaine:

Crack cocaine is a stimulant. When you say stimulant, it means that it is a substance that induces the body to suddenly become invigorated and replenished with energy. Medical experts, on the other hand, are said to have used cocaine as an anesthetic, or as an agent that keeps you numb from the pains and aches from surgical operations.

Crack cocaine is usually sold or made available in the form of white or off white colored rocks with a variety of sizes and shapes. Crack cocaine is usually smoked for you to feel its effects. Once you do, you will get an instant confident, healthy, and happy feeling that is connected with the stimulant properties of the drug.

Crack cocaine is called by many other names. In the streets, there are about 39 other names for crack cocaine aside from the shorthand, “crack.” Among these other names for crack cocaine are as follows:

Candy – 24/7 – ice cube – primetime – rocks – cookies – beat – crunch and munch – devil drug – dice – fat bags – cloud – nuggets – scrabble – chemical – crumbs – troop – sleet – glo – electric kool aid – hard ball – hail – hard rock – jelly beans – paste – product – tornado – snow coke – grit – gravel – french fries – hot cakes

Crack cocaine is made by concocting a solution of water and baking soda or ammonia and then dissolving in it the powdered form of the drug. This solution is set to boil, then the hard substance that is crack cocaine takes shape. Crack cocaine is illegal because it has health benefits, it is ruled out that excessive use could lead into serious physical and mental disorders.

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