The Alcohol Recovery Project (ARP)

Based on official statistics gathered on 2003, alcohol-related deaths among the Britons with ages 15 to 44 years old have tripled in the past two decades. These alcohol-related deaths include deaths due to murders done by people under influence, accidents, and health problems. As such, it is a good thing that the Alcohol Recovery Project or the ARP is now around to help out those under alcohol addiction.

Quick facts about the ARP

The ARP is London-based, and is a group that offers holistic supports to drug and alcohol addicts. ARP’s principal goal is to cut down the harm caused by use of drugs and alcohol.

The ARP offers all of the following:

  • Support and treatment for those addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Workshops to elevate awareness of the negative repercussions of alcohol and drugs
  • Temporary housing to single, homeless individuals who lost their homes due to their addiction
  • Tenancy sustainment to help those in danger of losing their homes due to alcohol obsession
  • Support in terms of resettlement for women and ex-servicemen who are homeless

The ARP also works in partnership with several organizations to provide more effective treatment programs to its members and patients.

The integrative approach of the ARP

Basically, one does not need to have an appointment in order to make use of the services offered by the ARP. This organization offers counselling, therapies, group sessions, and structured programs. The ARP also offers specific services for women and for members of the black community.

Donations for the Alcohol Recovery Project

The ARP accepts donations from companies and individuals. Most particularly, the donations received are used for:

  • Projects with schools and youth associations
  • Funds for shelter-oriented projects
  • Development of new programs such as those catering to victims of family violence in relation to alcohol abuse

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