The AA’s 12-Step Alcohol Recovery Process

This 12 step recovery program for alcohol obsession was first published as a book, the “Alcoholics Anonymous” in 1939. AA embraced and turned this program into their “bible,” to make it feasible for addicted individuals to get rid of their drinking habits, and in the process, and enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle. Even the Narcotics Anonymous found it so effective that they used it for their own initiatives.

The twelve steps of the alcohol recovery program as introduced by AA

#1: Accept the fact that you are addicted to alcohol, and that alcohol has a stronger control.

#2: Recognize the Divine Power, and have faith in it. What it also means is the act of believing that all problems have solutions.

#3: Decide that you would adhere to the guidelines of the Divine Power.

#4: Determine your life’s “real meaning” or purpose.

#5: Make an admission to the Divine Power and to a person (friend or relative) that you have committed a sin, that is to become addicted to alcohol. This includes an admission of guilt over other sins due to the influence of alcohol.

# 6: Have complete trust on the Divine Power and that the Divine Power would rectify all errors.

#7: In your prayers, ask the Divine Power to help you in rectifying such errors.

#8: Recognize all those you may have hurt because of your addiction to alcohol, and be willing to make up for such offenses.

#9: Begin correcting things that have been destroyed or affected by your addiction. But if you think that in rectifying something you may just cause more damage, just leave the situation or person alone.

#10: Constantly think of the wrongs you’ve done, and seek ways of making up for them.

#11: Meditation and prayers should be accepted and embraced. Praying to the Divine Power is crucial, and asking for blessings is also important.

#12: The sufferer should not keep this 12-step action plan to himself or herself; sharing it with other sufferers is strongly suggested.

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