Some Facts about Religious Alcohol Recovery Programs

What makes Christian-based rehab or recovery programs similar to the other kinds of programs available to alcoholics? One is that the patient is assisted to get past his or her defense behavior and to have him or her acknowledge the addiction. When this has been done, the addicted individuals could then “surrender” their agony and pains to God, who would ultimately be the one to heal them. Another is the presence of a step-by-step process, which means that the way to recovery from alcoholism takes time and effort.

What religious alcohol addiction treatment promises

Religious alcohol recovery or rehab programs underscore the need for spiritual healing. Faith-based rehab programs for alcoholics also offer scripture-reading classes and other sessions that’ll help individuals nourish their spiritual needs. Aside from the usual group sessions, therapies, and medications, scripture-based teachings are used to help alcoholics deal with their situation.

Many religious recovery programs also uses the popular 12-step process in their group and individual counselling sessions. Still, they always have sessions in which the focus is God, who serves as the “Higher Power.” As such, He would in the end, be a principal factor in the healing process.

Kinds of religious alcohol recovery programs

Just like regular alcohol addiction recovery programs, religious treatment programs can be classified into three kinds: day treatment, outpatient, and inpatient programs. Aside from these basic types, religious addiction programs can also include educational sessions, individual therapy, lectures, counselling, etc.

The effectiveness of religious treatment programs for alcoholics, however, still depends on an individual’s condition, severity of addiction, and determination.

Depending also on the actual condition of the addicted individual is the duration of the treatment sessions. For mild alcohol addiction cases, treatment sessions may last for weeks.

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