Should I Stop Drinking? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Alcohol recovery help is necessary when a person begins to undergo problems associated with alcohol abuse. One should watch out for these signs in themselves or others.

Should you stop drinking? Ask Yourself these 5 Questions? Are you:

  • 1. Unable to stop drinking once started?
  • 2. Failing to do everyday chores or work because of drinking?
  • 3. Feeling guilt after drinking?
  • 4. Needing a morning drink to get going after a night of heavy drinking?
  • 5. Being unable to remember the incidents that happened while drinking?
  • 6. Hurting someone because of drinking?

If any of these problems are true in one’s life, then maybe it is time to seek alcohol recovery help.

There are ways to address a drinking problem. One can go seek help from a trained medical professional or enlist in an inpatient detoxification program. These programs will allow a person to undergo alcohol recovery help under the supervision of professionals.

These programs are done within the guidelines and standards of the medical industry. Often, particularly for inpatient programs, some time off from normal day-to-day activities is required.

The Role of AA

Another way to undergo alcohol recovery help is through self-help support groups like the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA has been around since 1935 and has helped a lot of individuals come to terms with their alcohol intake problems. Programs such as AA’s are peer-directed and free. Self-help programs allow an individual to take responsibility for his/ her life and lifestyle.

Likewise, these programs can help an individual accept himself/ herself and gain some self-esteem. A good thing about groups like AA is that it is far reaching, with more than 100,000 groups worldwide.

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