Long-term Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Full recovery is threatened by what they call a “relapse.” Even if alcoholics have stopped drinking for months or years, there are instances in life that can pull them back to their old ways. Receiving a bad news is one. With the loss of a loved or a job, it may be hard to resist alcohol. Instead of feeling too guilty or ashamed from having to experience a relapse, it would be best to focus on solutions. Remember that relapse could sometimes be simply be a normal stage– more like a test of your endurance and character after the treatment. To help you push through with long-term recovery from alcohol addiction, here are some tips:

Don’t give up.

The feeling of being powerless and helpless could often trigger the relapse. Ask help if you must, and don’t let despair bring you down. Instead, seek comfort from family and friends. Talk about your fears, problems, or whatever it is that bothers you. If you believe in yourself, you’ll surely find strength to resist temptation and may focus on becoming a better person.

Analyze the problem.

Why do you want to go back to drinking? You must know why, so you can address this problem and know what kind of help you need. Remember that drinking can’t help solve your problems but may only add to them. Though it may give you temporary relief, drinking can have serious repercussions when you lose self-control, such as breaking the ties with your family and friends or ruining your family life and career.

Long-term recovery is a test of character and strength. Always keep your goals in mind and keep track of your progress. This way, you’ll regret wasting the second chance you had and ruining everything you’ve worked so hard for.

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