Is It Possible To Prevent Alcohol Abuse?

It is best to prevent alcohol abuse as early as childhood. In a study conducted among students, it was reported that majority of the students had their first full drink while they are in their high school. A large percentage of these students have also reported getting drunk in several occasions. This is why to prevent alcohol abuse, family support should also be extended to teens. Activities with the family should be encouraged to help the young ones to stay away from the bad influence of peers.

Know your children

It would be best for parents to get to know the friends of their children. Friends can either help their child grow into a better person or lead them astray. Should the friends of their children don’t turn out to be a good support group, it’s highly advisable for parents to talk with with their children. This way, they can help them realize what good friends should be and how bad influence and pressure from peers can affect them.

Keep your home clean

Alcoholic drinks should not be kept at home. Whether these drinks are stored in the kitchen or in the farthest corner of the cupboard, the presence of alcoholic drinks at home still serves as a temptation. As long as children know that they are there, there will be an urge to take them whenever they feel depressed, rejected, or tempted to do so.

Staying Active

It would be best to engage in physical activities. Alcohol drinking problems usually start when drinking due to depression. Physical activities help liven up one’s spirit to address depression. A person can choose to engage in a sport or can simply do some exercises or take a walk in the park. The time and money that would be spent on alcohol can then be put to better use.

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