Behind Closed Doors: What happens in alcohol recovery meetings?

Alcohol recovery meetings are usually conducted by alcohol recovery support groups. Support groups are made up of volunteers who want to help each other kick off their addiction. These groups conduct alcohol recovery meetings several days a week, in some cases, even every day.

Although alcohol support groups are not professional groups, they play an important role in an addict’s recovery. Alcohol support groups, through the alcohol recovery meetings, provide a “system of care.”

This system of care has helped addicted individuals take responsibility for their alcohol abuse problem, and finding and sticking to their recovery. Alcohol recovery meetings provide a venue for sharing information, as well as social and emotional support.

The popular alcohol support groups include the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA conducts daily meetings, in several worldwide locations. They have a spiritual bend to things, based on the 12-step approach.

Usual alcohol recovery meetings follow a format:

  • 1. member sharing;
  • 2. discussion of an AA step or doctrine; and,
  • 3. guest speaker.

Member Sharing

During the member sharing, introductions are made, especially for the new members. At this portion of the meeting, members can choose to share their stories of dependency, struggle and recovery.

Most share how long they’ve been abstinent and what they’ve done to remain abstinent. This has been particularly helpful and “touching” to new members, who are at very crucial points in their recovery.

Step Discussion

Next is the discussion of a step or recovery doctrine. This is meant to guide everyone regarding what to expect when they get to these steps. This way, common struggles can be approached with some wisdom as to how to handle them.

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker will then provide a more in depth view of their personal recovery and offer guidance to the rest of the group.

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