Alcohol Addiction Recovery for Women in Canada

There’s now a rising number of women in Canada who suffer from alcohol abuse. Those who are diagnosed to suffer from alcoholism often have difficulty gaining control because of their emotional and chemical dependence on alcohol. That’s why these women often experience withdrawal symptoms once they stop drinking, making it harder for them to give up the bad habit.

Severity of effects on Women

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse can have more severe effects on women. It is said that women get to absorb higher percentage of alcohol into their bloodstream. This explains why alcohol-induced diseases usually develop faster in women.

For those who are pregnant, alcohol abuse can also result in the physical and mental defects of their unborn child. With higher risks, there rises a need for specialized treatment or alcohol recovery program for women. These programs aim to establish better physical health and help the patient achieve healthier emotional and mental well-being.

Facts on Women and Alcohol Consumption

When it comes to alcohol consumption, men and women are anything but equal, and women are particularly vulnerable to the physical effects of alcohol*.

  • Lower body weight and less water in the body mean women cannot safely consume the same amount of alcohol as men.
  • Women drinkers develop liver cancer and damage to their brain structure after fewer years of heavy drinking than men.
  • Drinking during adolescence and the young adult years can dramatically compromise bone quality and may increase risk for osteoporosis.
  • Women with alcohol problems can have a variety of sexual and reproductive health problems.
  • Drinking during pregnancy can negatively impact fetal brain development, growth, physical appearance, learning and intelligence.
  • Drinking during lactation exposes a breastfed baby to alcohol and can cause deficiencies in infant nutrition, growth, motor development, early learning and behaviour.

With more at stake than men, women in general gain more by drinking less or not at all

Treatment Options for Canadian Women

Alcohol treatment for women may involve a holistic approach, one that combines detoxification with counselling, and other modes of prevention such as joining support groups. As with any form of treatment, the road to recovery actually lies on the reason behind alcohol abuse.

The treatments are also available through in patient and out patient programs. These programs help patients gain independence from their addiction through detoxification, though others may focus mainly on counselling and getting the support of the family.

Incidents of alcohol abuse for women are at times attributed to domestic violence and having low-self esteem. Other then rehab treatments, those who recovered from alcohol abuse have done so by channeling their passion to other things such as volunteer works and exercise. These activities help keep them preoccupied and more motivated to change their ways.


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