3 Ways to deal with drug and alcohol abuse

Dealing with alcohol and drug abuse in oneself or in the family or peer group is not an easy task. Here are 3 ways turn things around.

Step 1:

The first thing that must be done is to help the alcohol abuser realize the problem. This is the first and the most important step in dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. Once a person has accepted the situation, he or she can seek treatment or help through recovery programs.

Step 2:

After recognizing the existence of alcohol abuse, the person should seek the help of professionals to help determine the extent of damage the abuse has done. A doctor can best assess the gravity of the alcohol or drug abuse and the best course of action based on the situation. At the same time, the doctor can check the person’s vital and physiological functions to determine if there is any damage related to alcohol consumption.

Step 3:

The doctor may also refer the patient to support groups that help alcoholics and alcohol abusers. The person may also choose from several registered alcoholics support groups to assist him or her in dealing with the situation. A person may also enlist the help of family and friends to be part of the support group in having to deal with alcoholism.

The support group can help the person monitor the daily drinking. With the help of the support group, the person may also decide to eliminate drinking entirely for better recovery from alcohol abuse. The support group can also provide the person with assistance in staying away from the temptations of alcohol and can suggest physical activities to reduce the exposure and craving for alcoholic drinks.

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