3 Causes of Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Drinking usually starts during the teenage years, before one is legally allowed to purchase an alcoholic drink. Listed below are some common reasons that cause teenagers to drink.

Peer pressure

This is one of the strongest reasons for drinking at early teenage years. When peer groups engage in drinking alcohol, it is difficult for the member of these groups to refuse when offered a drink. When drinking with peer groups, dares and games as are sometimes played. This would make everyone in the group drink more than their limits or personal tolerance.


A teenager also starts drinking due to curiosity. At this age, any young adult is curious about everything. He or she is more daring and is in a rush to do things that adults do. The more that he or she is prohibited from doing something, the more eager the teen is in trying such things. Some alcohol abusers start with curiosity in trying one’s drink or in comparing different drinks. There are also times when teens would just like to test their limits and dare themselves to drink more.


Adult alcohol abusers usually drink because of problems. It doesn’t matter if these are personal or professional issues. As long as there are problems, a person usually calls a friend to go to bars and drink those problems away. Some decide to get several bottles of beer from the nearest convenience store and drink at home with a friend or by themselves. This culture seems to be inherited by many teens resorting to drinking whenever problems occur.

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