My name is Teri and I am a YOUTH volunteer with Alcohol-Drug Education Service. You can learn valuable information about the dangers and risks of drugs and alcohol abuse on this site. As youth, we face peer pressure and life’s pressures on a regular basis. Even though we have our own morals about how we choose to live, such as choosing to use drugs or not, we tend to feel pressure to go against our morals so we don’t “let down” our peers, or so we can “fit in”. I hope that from this website you can take away information that will help you develop and form good decisions-making skills concerning the topics of drugs and alcohol.

As an eighteen-year-old UBC Science student, I know that we youth face the pressure of consuming alcohol or drugs from friends and peers. Living in residence at UBC or at home in Coquitlam, I see the effects of drugs and alcohol everyday, so I am volunteering here at the Alcohol-Drug Education Service to learn how to prevent the harms of substance abuse before it takes over people’s lives.

I have noticed the trend over the years that youth are beginning to consume drugs and alcohol younger and younger. This trend is frightening, as I have two younger brothers that will be entering middle school this year and I already see the effects of them facing peer pressure everyday (even though they would never admit it). So, take advantage of this website and take away as much as you can!

Enjoy your stay here and don’t forget to bookmark this site!



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